Speaker Date Topic
Mandi deSouza May 24, 2018
The Hawaii Humane Society

Mandi deSouza | Humane Education Manager
Hawaiian Humane Society

Bob Sigall May 31, 2018
The Companies We Keep

From Mary Ann Berry

Honolulu Star Advertiser writer

Celiamarie Moore Jun 07, 2018
Changing skin and changing lives.

From Akiko

Celiamarie Moore  

Independent Consultant , Team Builder 


Rodan & Fields Dermatologists

See my webpage.....http://celiamariemoore.myrandf.com/


Join me in my business..... http://celiamariemoore.myrandf.biz/

I believe in changing skin and changing lives. I would love to have you join me, because together, we can help so many people put their best face forward!

Thomas Yamachika, Pres., Tax Foundation of Hawaii Jun 14, 2018
Current Issues at the Legislature
Phillip Mahealani Wong Jun 28, 2018
Children's Compassion Association International

Introduced by Navy Klomsue ‚Äč

Phillip Mahealani Wong

Children's Compassion Association International

ph 808 224 0841


Chief of Police Susan Ballard Jul 12, 2018