Helping Abandoned Children
Nov 10, 2022 11:45 AM
Shellilyn Marie
Helping Abandoned Children

Even after having to be stitched from rape at seven years old, no one batted an eye about the neglect and torture in our home extending over 14 years. I still have memories of hogties, fist fights, belt lashes, beatings, burns, extension cords whips, sexual abuse, trafficking and more, at the very hands of our such loving foster parents.

From birth to 18 years, as a biracial child, I was raised in an all-white foster home with more than 170 children that were abused and beaten. I have finally been able to learn to overcome the PTSD it has caused and write my story with the creativity possible to share these experiences, influence others by my testimony, and describe how this suffering has transformed my life to understanding love.

I have been firsthand witness to some of the perversion by our governmental agencies, police, and the abuse by people in power; this is a huge problem that extends on every level of government. These experiences have sparked a deep passion to help support other children that have been victim to trafficking. I put myself through college and worked in healthcare management before I decided to start managing my own dreams, which then led to the registration of my non-profit organization: L.I.F.E.H.O.U.S.E.

Our work includes the removal and placement of children, aftercare of children, and development of life skill programs and educational resources for the children we serve. We have worked with courts, police, other safe houses, even coming face to face to pimps to confront, protect, help rescue girls from their grasps.

In April, 2020, “Learning to Love” was also published to help raise funding for our organization. This autobiographical novel shares these experiences and my journey to find self-love, sanity, hope, and life, while also exposing the corruption of the government systems of child welfare and trafficking. 

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