Jan 17, 2019 12:00 PM
Makana Risser Chai (HR Consultant)
Sexual Harrasment

Makana has facilitated 1,000+ sexual harassment, unconscious bias, and legal compliance training programs for managers and employees of local companies, Fortune 500, small businesses, government and non-profits in Hawai'i and 37 states. “Makana kept class light-hearted and open.” 

Recognized by the National Speakers Association as one of the top professional speakers in the country, she trains and coaches executives and professionals who need to communicate dry information in a compelling way. “Because the workshop was highly interactive, you truly engaged our participants in a fun and informative way.” 

As the author of two books on Hawaiian healing, Makana shares stories and advice from Hawaiian elders of the past and present, to help you achieve peace of mind, body, emotion and spirit. “Makana has a gift for thorough research, putting historical facts into context, and in speaking about them, conveys a genuine warmth and aloha for Hawaiian culture and its people.”