Aloha fellow Rotarians,
It is an absolute honor and privilege to serve as your President for the Rotary year of 2017 through 2018.  Our Club was Chartered on June 20th 1972, and has been serving our community and improving lives globally for over 45 years.  
This is going to be an amazing year and I envision a Rotary calendar year full of fun, learning, collaboration, and friendship through our various gatherings: our regular Thursday lunch meetings at the Ala Moana Hotel, social events, club projects such as Santa Clothes, and special events such as our Annual Crab Fest. 
Rotary is one of those great gathering places where diverse individuals and professionals who may have never otherwise met each other, have come together within the community to make a difference for others, and have become great friends in the process.
I am excited and inspired seeing members of all ages and walks of life supporting each other, sharing their knowledge and experiences with one another.  I look forward to doing great things together for our community here on Oahu, and for the betterment of the environment and the world.
The theme for the year ahead is Rotary: Making a Difference; put forth by our new International President, Ian H.S. Riseley.  “I feel that each of us has joined and stayed in Rotary because it adds something to our own lives. Through Rotary we truly are Making a Difference; and the more involved we become, the more of a difference Rotary makes to each of us.”  The more that we get out of our comfort zone, the better we can answer, “What is Rotary”.   Cheers to all of us for the New Year! It’s going to be all good!
Scott Wishart, President 2017-2018
Rotary Club of Ala Moana
Rotary theme 2017-18 
"...However each of us chooses to serve, we do it because we know our service makes a difference in the lives of others. Our service will be guided, as it should be, by the three strategic priorities our Rotary International Board has set for all of Rotary in our current strategic plan:
  • to support and strengthen our clubs
  • to focus and increase our humanitarian service
  • and to enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness
"Today, environmental degradation and climate change threaten us all. They are having a disproportionate impact on those who are most vulnerable, those to whom Rotary has
the greatest responsibility. Yet environmental issues barely register on the Rotary agenda.
The time is long past when environmental sustainability can be dismissed as not Rotary’s concern. It is, and must be, everyone’s concern.
"And so, I am asking every Rotary club to plant at least one tree for each member, some-time between the beginning of the Rotary year and Earth Day, which is 22 April 2018. It is my hope that the result of that effort will be far greater than the environmental benefit that those 1.2 million new trees will bring, which is itself most worthwhile. I believe the greater result will be a Rotary that recognizes our responsibility, not only to the people on our planet — but to the planet itself on which we all live and on which we all depend.
"This can be a true feature of Rotary in 2017-18. Our job is to make it Rotary’s year to shine. It is the year all of us have committed to dedicate to service through Rotary. It is Rotary making a difference by building stronger and more active clubs that serve in better and more lasting ways. It is believing in a Rotary that is recognized for the good work it does — a Rotary that will continue to grow, to endure, to go from strength to strength — making a difference to our communities, our countries, and our world.
That is what we will achieve together this year. Rotary: Making a Difference."
Ian H.S. Riseley
President, Rotary International, 2017-18