Jun 28, 2018
Thomas Yamachika from the Tax Foundation of Hawaii
Tells us about current issues at the Legislature

Introduced by Patrick McMillen

Thomas Yamachika LLLC, a very small law firm (associates:  (1) Thomas) with emphasis on taxes imposed by the State of Hawaii, the Aloha State.

Publisher of several books and articles including Aloha State Tax! 

2014 to Present: President of the TAX FOUNDATION OF HAWAII – An organization of over 200 business and individuals dedicated to informing the public about the finances of our state and local governments.

Responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the organization, advising the Board of Directors on policy matters and serving as the liaison between the Tax Foundation and state and local governments, offering commentary on introduced legislation.

Thomas graduated Magna cum laude at Yale College in 1980 and has held positions related to taxation for the state of Hawaii and for several prestigious law firms.