The Ala Moana Rotary Club recently concluded a clothing drive that drew participation from different corners of our island. Many people devoted their time, sorting through their homes and pooling gently used clothing for the students at Lunalilo School.

This initiative saw its beginnings with Past President Sue Ann Lee. During a school visit, she noticed a student wearing clothing that had definitely seen better days. From this observation sprung the belief, "If children feel good when they go to school, they'll be more likely to have an improved readiness to learn."

People heeded this call to action and responded generously with donations. The pile of clothes eventually filled half the size of a cafeteria!

Team Effort

This endeavor involved a lot of sorting and categorizing. Members of the Ala Moana Rotary Club and friends spent half a day organizing the mountains of clothing, getting it ready for the kids to make their selections.

The Distribution Day

The children had their shopping spree on Friday. Students came into the cafeteria, transformed into a veritable store of options, and found clothes they liked. Custom shopping bags were donated by a friend of our Club to ensure each child could carry their new clothes home in style.

Our clothing drive received a positive response and created so much joy. Seeing the children select clothing they liked served as a positive affirmation for our efforts.

Thank you to all those who donated, volunteered, and participated—you made a meaningful contribution and have prepared the students at Lunalilo School for a new academic year.