Waikiki Health Center in collaboration with Pam Chambers- Next Step Forward Program - job interview training for homeless at the Next Step forward Shelter, teaching them skills to help them find jobs.

“"For me it’s being able to use my skills to be part of the homeless solution, to help that problem go away a tiny bit,” Chambers said.

While Chambers’ Next Step students were looking for tips on how to look and act for job interviews, Chambers’ primary goal was simple. “I want them to be able to walk into a room like they deserve to be there,” she said.

All of the students come from Next Step’s job training program and earn money doing basic chores.

“They’re already employed at the shelter,” Chambers said. “But the goal is to get them employed outside the shelter so they can actually find a rented room.”"  (Source; Honolulu Star Advertiser Online June 1, 2018)